To Kitten

For you my scars they tell about adventures
Like the scars of these heroes in old tales
Shining signs of honour, fame and glory
And not marks of suffering and pain.

And I know now you only love a picture
Yes, a picture a little girl did paint
Or a monument that's buildt of stone and iron
And no man who feels and bleeds like any man.

Do you ever think about what I am feeling
Do you ever think about what I have paid
Is there one small thought insinde you, Kitten
That once there could be something I can't stand?

Oh I know it was myself who told these stories
To a little gil I knew some years ago
These dreams inside are that what I have tought you
And I'll try to give you what your longing for.

Kjenjo: Gesang, Gitarre
Silva: Gesang, Mandoline, Rahmentrommel
Wilaf: Cello, Geige

Text (c) Sabine Kinder (von GeBORGt)
Melodie (c) M. Giesen (Silva)